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Membership Code of Ethics

Terms and Conditions - Registered Member of GREEN WARRIOR PT. GLOBAL MEDIA NUSANTARA

The Code of Ethics and Regulations for a GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER is not a STATUTORY LAW. It is simply stating principles that contains the rights, duties responsibilities and duties of a GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER in his/her efforts during the performance of their duties.

The Code of Conduct and regulations was held with a view to confirm the binding relationship in the agreement between PT. GLOBAL MEDIA NUSANTARA, also known as “company” and the GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER, and confirmed the relationship between GREEN WARRIOR MEMBERs in order to enhance the harmony of relationship between members. In addition, the Code of Ethics and Regulations for the GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER is also to maintain and protect all interests and benefits available to the GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER with respect to the GREEN WARRIOR Sales and Marketing Plan.

In order to preserve the intent and purpose of the GREEN WARRIOR Sales and Marketing Plan, PT. GLOBAL MEDIA NUSANTARA has the sole right to retrieve, modify, update, add or eliminate some or all of this Regulation whenever necessary for the implementation of the cases relating to the application of the Code and Regulations.

Some of the key points in this code are as follow:

  • GREEN WARRIOR in this text refers to PT GLOBAL MEDIA NUSANTARA, hereinafter referred to as “The Company".
  • GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER is a person who was introduced to the product and became a GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER when their registration was accepted by The Company. Members agree consciously and without coercion from anyone to buy the facility as a GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER according to the price set by The Company. Buying and selling is selling outright and there is no guaranteed Refund just because the member has been authorized to use all member facilities provided by GREEN WARRIOR. CLAIM / MONEY BACK GUARANTEE / WARRANTY Discount can be requested if members did  not get the discount from the merchants who were officially posting on the web and web GREEN WARRIOR CCI provided that:
  • Having a membership GREEN WARRIOR Card is still valid during the time of the transaction
  • Proof of transaction can be produced - The name of the cashier who served transaction can be provided
  • Claims were filed (either verbally or in writing) no later than 7 (seven) days from the date of the transaction
  • Replacement of claims discount is equal to the stipulated discount that were promised by the merchant and paid in cash by GREEN WARRIOR who is acting as a conduit or intermediary for the replacement of the CARD CONNECTION INTERNATIONAL.
  • The GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER who are marketing products by The Company, will receive a commission that has been set by the Company for  product marketing programs, and their status are as independent contractors, who are running the business independently of GREEN WARRIOR and do not have any employment relationship, agency relationship or any other relationship to The company.
  • Line sponsorships (Line of Sponsorship) is a line in ascending order, and includes the Sponsor of a GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER (Up line), sponsor links, and so on until it ends at The Company.
  • The Commission paid by The Company to the GREEN WARRIOR MEMBERs  is determined by the value of sales of products made by GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER concerned, in accordance with the scale as described in the bonus schedule of the GREEN WARRIOR Sales and Marketing Plan. No bonuses will be paid in the event where there is no sale of product. The Company reserves the rights to adjust the Members Bonus System to cater to changing market conditions and business competition.
  • The minimum Bonus transfer limit per member is USD5. The limits is in reference to the net amount that is transferred to the Member account.
  • A transfer fee of $1 will be deducted by PayPal for each transfer from PT.GAB PayPal account, to your PayPal account.
  • In the event that the accumulated bonuses have yet to achieve the minimum limits (USD 5 for a cash bonus inclusive of admin cost and transfer taxes, and USD 3 for credit deposit bonus inclusive of shipping costs and taxes), the un-transferred bonuses will essentially still be help by PT.GLOBAL MEDIA NUSANTARA until the accumulated bonuses exceeds the minimum transfer limits. The member will then be entitled to the full net commission, and the funds will be paid into the account of the member.
  • Direct sales commission will be paid on the fourth (4th) day after the buyer transaction is completed, Branch Development Bonus will be paid weekly on Wednesday (Indonesia time) and the Achievement Cash Bonus will be paid on the Wednesday after the target was achieved. All payments will be made through PayPal.


Rule I-1

(A) To become a GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER, each Applicant (candidate MEMBER) must be sponsored by a registered GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER , and must complete the  GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER registration form provided in
(B) The opportunity to be GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER is open to all and does not discriminate on gender, ethnicity, class and religion, and political views. Rule I-2 (A). To become a GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER, each Applicant is required to purchase a minimum of one package from The Company, and he will be issued with a Member ID, regardless of the number of packages purchased, if he is buying under the same ID. (B). Upon further purchases, a GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER will not be issued with another Member ID, unless he/she is purchasing under a different referrer ID.

  • The Company reserves the right to reject an applicant as a GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER, if in the opinion of The Company, the applicant’s business activities is in conflict with the interests of the organisation.
  • The Company reserves the right to terminate the membership of a MEMBER if there is evidence that a MEMBER is found to violate any of the GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER Code of Ethics and Regulations

Non-compliance with these rules are considered a serious violation of the GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER Code of Ethics and Regulations. GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER must comply with all the regulations, system requirements, procedures and policies set forth in this Rule and the GREEN WARRIOR Sales and Marketing Plan and its revisions and additions. Any revisions to this regulation by The Company will be published in or disclosed in other forms of communication before the new regulations / changes takes effect.


Regulation II-1;

Each GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER shall buy the product / service provided by The Company, and seek help in business from his Line sponsor or directly from The Company with regards the wide range of products (financial/non financial) available fromThe Company  Marketing and Sales Plan. GREEN WARRIOR strictly forbids the purchase of GREEN WARRIOR products through a member who is not a line sponsor.

Regulation II- 2;

Only ONLINE applications for registration as a Green Warrior Member will be processed. Upon submission of an application, the applicant testifies that he/she has read and agreed with all the Terms and Conditions contained herein.

Regulation II-3;

While promoting a GREEN WARRIOR product or offer, GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER must ensure to input accurate information with regards the price of packages and related information. GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER must not make statement(s) / exaggerated claims about the benefits of the GREEN WARRIOR product. GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER shall indemnify The Company with respect to any misrepresentations of products, uses of products, exit sale price, or any other information with regards The Company’s products.

Regulations II-4;

At the time of demonstrating or selling The Company’s products, GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER must provide user guide, if any, and faithfully disclose all information with regards the product.

Regulations II-5;

GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER must not make any offers or any promises or give any explanation on behalf of The Company in response to complaints / claims of the customer due to the use or or wrongful use of The Company’s products.

Regulation II-6;

GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER must observe all applicable laws, rules and local regulations that apply to the carrying out of The Company’s business, and shall be held personally liable for any infringement of the laws of the land where they are carrying out their business. Member must not be or become involved in activities that could damage the image or reputation of The Company and / or their reputation as a GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER.

Regulation II-7;

a. GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER must not give any indication that they are employees or have any employment relationship with The Company, or by its affiliated companies and / or other GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER. GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER hereby indemnify The Company of all associated costs, damages or lawsuits lodged against The Company with respect to any misrepresentation of the nature of the relationship between The Company and its MEMBER. GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER may not use any business cards with The Company’s logo, without any written permit to do so, or suggest or behave in any manner to suggest that an employment relationship exists between GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER and The Company.

Regulation II-8;

GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER are not allowed to engage in business / product of  competitor companies with The Company in particular, but not limited to business and sales distribution network with similar Multi-Level Marketing system, in whatever is considered as a competitor to the GREEN WARRIOR business / product competitor.

Regulation II-9:

GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER is not allowed to re-package, delete, add or change the product label, literature, or packaging material of any GREEN WARRIOR product, literature or business packages. GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER are not allowed to demonstrate or sell products in any different forms other than its original packaging.

Regulation II-10:

GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER may not use the product for any type of fundraising activities that are not authorised by The Company. Fundraising activities include any offer to buy any GREEN WARRIOR product / service for the purpose of fundraising.

Regulation II-11:

For members who have build a network of over 1000 members on both branches of their organisation, if he/she wishes to transfer his Member ID to another person/organisation, an application must be made to The Company. Once the ID transfer has been approved and effected, the new Member in question, is prohibited from running a similar business with the GREEN WARRIOR program (including similar MLM / Network marketing). In the event of a violation, the ID that have been sold may be blocked permanently by the company as it may be deemed to be a conflict of interest. The Company reserves the rights to determine what will construe as a conflict of interest.

Regulation II-12:

GREEN WARRIOR Members are responsible for all associated taxes arising from commissions, bonuses and cash rewards received by them and The Company will not be responsible for the negligence of the member to pay or report on their tax returns.

The Sale of a MEMBER ID.

Rule III-1:

A GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER who sponsored others (called Links) must:

  • Be capable to train and motivate GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER sponsored by himself/herself with minimum assistance from members of their immediate upline.
  • Maintain independent relationship between himself and the sponsored  GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER and must not indicate or give any impression whatsoever that there is any employment relationship between himself and the sponsored GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER.

Rule III-2:

Functions and responsibilities of Sponsoring GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER:

  • Have sufficient supplies of the products’ samples, literature and aids businesses, where applicable, or ensure that GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER in his Personal Group have alternative methods to obtain their business needs.
  • Conduct regular meetings, training and motivation for downline and routinely send letters and follow up with them.
  • Ensure that the Downline is conducting their business in accordance with the GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER Code of Ethics and Regulations
  • Protect the rights of each downline Member.


The Company reserves the sole right to approve or deny requests to change the sponsor without the need to give any reasons for approval or refusal.

Sale of Member ID: a GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER who owns and runs the GREEN WARRIOR business can sell the business in the form of GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER ID to another.

  • Before the sale of the GREEN WARRIOR business, the seller and buyer must agree to the conditions of sale (except the price) and the transaction must obtain written approval from The Company.
  • The sale of the business is not complete and there will not be any change in ownership until the agreement is accepted and approved by The Company in writing.
  • The new GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER who have just purchased the business will be governed by the original Terms and Conditions.
  • Commissions of business after the transfer of ownership, will be paid to the new owner. All awards ever achieved previously by the business however, will not be transferred to the new owner. Qualifying for any business award will be determined based only on the business activities that occur after the date of sale.


Rule V-1:

When Prospects are invited to a presentation, a GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER must not portray the invitation event with any other intent and purpose other than to listen to the GREEN WARRIOR Sales and Marketing Plan. In particular, GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER should not use the law to:

  • Give the impression that there is an opportunity to become an employee of the company
  • Disguise the invitation as a social event with the intention to trick the prospects
  • Disguise the invitation as market research,
  • Promote the event as tax seminars,
  • Promote the event as a business relationship with a person, company or any other organisation other than with the GREEN WARRIOR program.

Rule V-2:

During the presentation of the GREEN WARRIOR Sales and Marketing Plan to the prospect, a GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER:

  • Should not give the impression that revenue in GREEN WARRIOR business can only be achieved if GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER are buying products for private use at a “GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER price”.
  • Must state that a GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER is not obliged to sponsor others to become GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER.
  • Should not promote tax advantages as the best reason to be a GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER.
  • Should not present this business as a get rich quick opportunity, and that success can be achieved with little or no effort and without the sacrifice of time.
  • Must make it clear that income or bonus of a GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER comes only by selling products to customers on an ongoing basis and hard work is needed to maintain or preserve the achievement of certain qualifications.
  • Should explain that the income / profit of Members in the past, present and future were made simply by observing the following:
  • When showcasing the opportunities using examples and illustrations showing the income achieved by certain GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER, makes sure that the income mentioned is real, and not just a hypothetical example.
  • When illustrating potential income / profits as described in GREEN WARRIOR’s official literature, they also show illustrations based on their own private experience.
  • When showing examples of successful lifestyle of GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER (eg: travels, car, home, donations to charity), to ensure that the income / profit is truly a result of the GREEN WARRIOR business.

Rule V-3:

GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER are to note that The Company will not assign area / territory exclusivity to any Member to run his business.

Rule V-4:

GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER must not misrepresent that there is no obligation for GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER Prospects to purchase products, literature or sales aids, other than to buy a GREEN WARRIOR Membership Card. GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER must also state clearly that profits are achieved only from the purchase and subsequent resale of GREEN WARRIOR’s products in accordance with the GREEN WARRIOR Sales and Marketing Plan.


The following rules are meant to maintain the integrity of  the name and the trademark GREEN WARRIOR. in addition, these rules are to ensure that the name GREEN WARRIOR is used exclusively for business purposes of GREEN WARRIOR. The name and logo of GREEN WARRIOR is part of a corporate branding strategy and where it is used, it is not permitted to change the model of the logo.  Where a variation of the logo is needed, GREEN WARRIOR Member will need to submit a request to The Company, with illustration of the variation of logo and specification.

Rule VI-1:

GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER must apply in writing to The Company if he/she wish to use the name of GREEN WARRIOR in the registration of their GREEN WARRIOR business. Such permits will be reviewed annually by The Company.

Rule VI-2:

GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER are not allowed to make or seek from any source other than from The Company, goods that bear the name or logo of GREEN WARRIOR / trademark GREEN WARRIOR.

Rule VI-3:

GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER are to use the official GREEN WARRIOR literature only for the purpose of carrying out their functions as GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER.

Rule VI-4:

GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER may make and use recorded presentations that are presented at the GREEN WARRIOR sponsored seminars or business meetings.


The official website of the company is and and only official information on this company website may be used in representing the company. The Company is not responsible for any errors contained in any other website other than at and

If there are any discrepancies or errors in the data contained or displayed on the website or in the calculation of the commission and/or bonus and/or cash rewards to the member, the benchmark or basis used will be the hardcopy/softcopy version that is stored in corporate databases.

Rule VII-1:

GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER are prohibited to provide the Serial Number of the Activation Card, code and login password to anyone. Any losses resulting from the violation of this rule is at the risk and responsibility of each member.

Rule VII-2:

GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER is allowed to create a personal website devoted to their GREEN WARRIOR business development plan, with a proviso that their website does not violate the intellectual property rights of others and does not deviate from the GREEN WARRIOR business marketing program and the description of its products.

Rule VII-3:

GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER must register their website with The Company. The Company is entitled to directly request for changes to both the lawyer-edits, additions, and the elimination of any contents that contradicts with the official information of The Company as published in and

Rule VII-4:

Each GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER are independent contractors and ARE NOT employees of the company.
Violation of the Code of Conduct or Code of Conduct and Policy is a very serious issue. Therefore The Company will address seriously any violations through guidance and counselling. The following actions may be applied by The Company. The list is not arranged sequentially and multiple actions may be taken, if need be, in carrying out the corrective action:

  • Re-Training the GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER (Direct) and group personality;
  • Impose the suspension period for infringing GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER;
  • Disenfranchise as a sponsor of GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER infringing;
  • Removing membership of violating GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER

In case of violation of the GREEN WARRIOR Code or the Rules and Policies, any GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER may file a complaint to The Company.

Decisions taken by The Company in the implementation of this Code may be submitted for further review by The Company.

Part II. Complaints Procedures

  • If a GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER found any violation of the Code of Conduct, he must notify The Company regarding the offence, with full details.
  • Upon receiving a complaint, The Company will immediately notify the relevant GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER
  • If needed,The Company may request for additional information from both parties
  • After The Company has received all the information regarding the complaint, The Company will decide if a violation has occurred.
  • Tolerance on Failure to comply: Code of Ethics and Regulations -The Company will allow the incumbent to carry out the appropriate corrective action within a set time limit as specified in the judgement arrived at.
  • All facilities and privileges will be suspended temporarily during the period of investigation by The Company in relation to the offence.

The Company is entitled, by notice in writing to MEMBER, to remove the rights as GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER, reset the order canceled or revoked rights to sponsor.

Termination Membership means complete cancellation due to violation of the GREEN WARRIOR Code of Conduct or present a serious error of the GREEN WARRIOR Sales and Marketing Plan.

Cancellations as a sponsor of the GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER group personally, means a declaration to cease functioning as a sponsor and remove all rights as a sponsor for violating the GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER Code of Ethics and Regulations.

GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER who are disqualified, will be notified through links which will be sent via the Notification Letter issued by The Company, who will also send a letter through courier / registered mail, stating the decision of The Company to effect the cancellation. In addition, the notification procedure will be as follows:

  • Letters mailed to the mailing address of the Member as stated in GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER Data Information system.
  • In the letter, it will be stated clearly, the regulation that was violated by the GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER, as well as decisions taken byThe Company and the effective date of the decision.


In an effort to encourage ethical and accurate presentation of the GREEN WARRIOR Sales and Marketing Plan, The Company may implement any or all of the following on GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER who violated the Code of Ethics and Regulations:

a. Delayed credit of bonus payments or higher rewards.
b. Suspension of license to perform any sponsor activities.
c. Suspension of incentive trips sponsored by The Company
d. Charge expenses for the conduct of meeting for the re-orientation to the incumbent sponsor.
e. Request the incumbent GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER to provide a recording of their presentation on the GREEN WARRIOR Marketing Plan

IV. Cancellation of Membership - TERMINATES RIGHTS AS A SPONSOR

  • The Company can effect Membership cancellation, deletion rights as a business sponsor or impose a suspension on a GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER even though there is no formal complaint
  • If the offence is deemed to be so severe, The Company reserves the rights to suspend or terminate the rights of a GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER without recourse to the incumbent GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER. 
  • GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER may submit an appeal against the decision of The Company to suspend or terminate.


The purpose of this Regulation is to provide a clear and precise standard regarding the rights and obligations of its related GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER and development of business tools and supporting materials.

GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER may offer for sale to others in the group diverse business development sales aids and training such as: books, magazines, and other printed materials provided that:

A. purchasers of such material is aware that it is not issued or produced by The Company
B. it is clear to purchasers of these materials are aware that purchase is voluntary.
C. it is not sold on the pretext of a requirement to be a GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER.

The Company will not and does not authorise the content in any unofficial materials supporting the venture. GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER will be fully responsible for fulfilling applicable legal provisions regarding the content, production, or use of business support materials.
Other Provisions:

  • Business support materials must avoid references to political issues, sexual, religious or ethnic issue, either express or implied.
  • A copy of such materials must be submitted to The Company for approval of use. The Company reserves the rights to require amendments, insertions and/or deletions of the materials.
  • GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER must not give the impression that the use of the material is a requirement of The Company.
  • The Company Security Satisfaction Guarantee SHALL NOT apply to all unofficial business support materials.
  • Every GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER must exercise personal discretion when buying or selling such supporting materials to ensure that the amount and expenses for such materials is viable when compared with the volume of sales and profits from the business membership.
  • GREEN WARRIOR MEMBER must clearly indicate that the event is a GREEN WARRIOR business event even when such unofficial business supporting materials are offered for sale in seminars and meetings.

Note: In the event of a dispute arising from the interpretation of the Code or the Code of Conduct and this policy, it will be settled amicably as per the intent of this agreement. The Company is entitled to unilaterally justify, add, or correct the code of conduct and rules are at any time if deemed necessary.
Members are to adhere to the essence of all content contained in the Code members and sponsor  lines in accordance with common wisdom. The Company, applicable government regulations, including changes made from time to time by The Company, will underpin the agreement between The Company and her members, without prior approval from the members.
Applicant hereby declare that the information given in the form of activation is honest and true. Members understand that the membership can be taken over / canceled unilaterally and or can be submitted to the court by The Company, if the member does not comply with the provisions listed above.
Members will not involve The Company in any statement or oral or written claims in violation of applicable regulations and the member must be held accountable by law.

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